When shopping for product on line, it is best to make sure you are purchasing from a factory authorized dealer or distributor.

We search the web for competitor pricing to make sure we try and offer a reasonable discounted price to our customers. We have found many companies advertising products well below factory cost.

How can they do this? We are not sure.

Usually we contact our sales representative from the manufacturer in question, only to find out they have never heard of the company selling their products.

What comes to mind now?

Maybe these companies have just priced items incorrectly and maybe they are selling overruns or possibly just trying to get your credit card information. The fact that our manufacturers have no history of doing business with some of these companies makes me wonder. In any event they cannot offer a legal warranty unless they are authorized to do so by the manufacturer.

Please make sure you are not getting scammed by contacting the manufacturer of your product before buying from an un-trusted source.

Good Luck.

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